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Over 22 years of ODM / OEM audio product experience   o Custom Speaker Driver Design - We design each driver for the application using Finite Element Analysis to ensure mechanical perfection and Klippel Analysis to ensure  perfect linear performance. The result being an articulate low distotion drive unit. o Amplifier Electronics Development - Claridy Audio amplifier and DSP development is a team effort, a collaboration of the electonics and acoustic engineering. The result being world class amplifier performance characteristics. o Electronics Development - HDMI, HD Wireless, WiSA Bluetooth, WiFi, Software, Firmware and more. o Industrial Design - Industrial Design services including 3D modeling/development. o Acoustic Tuning - World Class acoustic tuning. Our customers have received ultimate reviews and high level awards. o 3D Rapid Prototyping - A key to perfecting a design both cosmetically and acoustically prior to tooling. This allows for immediate acoustical testing to begin. This saves cost, engineering efforts, and allows for a faster time to market with a better product.
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